My Circle of Friends

One thing I’ve noticed about the circle of friends that I hang out with is that all of their midlife crises differ from what one would usually consider a Midlife Crisis. For example, I have one friend who could have easily been a severe alcoholic but instead, he went out and purchased a brand-new bassboat. I wish him many safe days out on the water. I had another buddy instead of becoming a cheater decided to get him and his partner side by side so now he is happy that he splurged and wildly spent the money and the best benefit to him was the fact that he can spend quality time on the trails with his sweety. And yet another friend I could have easily seenbecoming suicidal, so he went out and purchased a brand-new pick-up truck. It is likely not the perfect substitute to what I think he needs but that’shis business. Really professional help may have been the best answer, butthe result is that he is still here and seems much happier. And one of thelast buddies that I’ll mention was on the verge of becoming an abusiveperson in a long-time marriage, so he and his spouse decided to go outand get motorcycles. They really seem to be getting along a lot better, but Idon’t live too close to them, so I’ll never really be certain on that. Anyways,my point is that none of us really know how long we have here on thisplanet. All of our days are numbered. It’s probably best that we all take asgood of care of our bodies and souls the best that we can. And if you’refeeling that”Midlife Crisis” coming on reflect on what makes you the happiest and goout and take action on it whether it is a major purchase or a long neededextended vacation do whatever it is to keep that piece of mind and staypositive. Spend responsibly though or you may be opening another can of worms and begin another slide downward to that dreaded feeling again! Take care, folks!

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