The Best Selling Freeze Dried Food Brands


With so much improvement within the freeze dried foods industry, they have become very popular among many campers and hikers in recent years. Besides convenience, they are also delicious, lightweight, and low in the calorie department. To enjoy them, all that is needed is some hot water, some patience, and enjoy a nice hot meal right from the packaging. No need to worry about dishes either. This will put a smile on any hiker or camper. Although there may be many to choose from, below we have the best-selling freeze dried food brands.

Alpine Aire
The Alpine Aire brand has been providing some of the best meals specifically designed for camping and backpacking for more than 250 years. With this much experience you can assume that they have been doing something right. Their meals are available instore and online.

Although there are a lot of brands which use high salt content, Alpine Aire only utilize a minimum amount of sodium. The food is considered pretty interesting too and includes meals such as Wild Thyme Turkey, Wild Quinoa Pilaf, and Himalayan Lentils & Rice. In addition to the meals, the Alpine Aire brand also produces smoothies, snacks, and dips.

Preparation is simple. Just open it up and remove the absorption packet and pour in your hot water. Their meal packets include rulers that help you measure the right amount of water to them. Then, once thoroughly heated you can eat directly out of the packet.

Mountain House
Ever since 1968, Mountain House remains as the most widely seen brand that creates freeze-dried food. From the time of producing rations for the army, to the commercial market Mountain House continues to thrive to this day.

Famously known for their American home-style cooking, the food is considered hearty and a taste that maintains consistency. The meals do have a high amount of salt. The meals are available as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts and are available in outdoor stores, retail stores, and online.

Harmony House
Freeze dried food from Harmony House centers on DIY individuals who prefer to create their own meals out of the given ingredients to enjoy outdoors. With individual ingredients, they include freeze dried fruits and vegetables. Also, soup mixes and chili packets are included to create the perfect hot meal on the go. Other items that Harmony House produces include a textured vegetable protein that provides a huge boost of protein for those long hikes.

Outdoor Herbivore
Food from Outdoor Herbivore gets produced in small amounts together with locally grown food. These local ingredients are also naturally grown. Their ingredients are also all natural that gets freeze-dried and then dried again before packing. There are no added flavors, fillers, enhancers, or processed ingredients in any of their meals. The idea is to promote food that is flavored using herbs, spices, and a minute amount of sodium.

Freeze dried foods have been used by backpackers and survivalists for years. If you don’t have a stash of freeze dried food in case of emergency, now is the time to stock up.

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