Under a winter storm warning here in the midwest! It is always total chaos when we get a weather warning like this. Folks are scrambling all over town just panicking and devouring any remaining food items that are left on the shelves. Our local grocery stores have been stressed to the max with the supply shortages from the past pandemic. I do actually participate in this too. The only difference is that I just need to grab enough of the basic items like milk or bread just to be certain that we can get by smoothly. For my families security, i have stocked up on long-term food storage supplies from stores like “JUST 4 PATRIOTS” or “PRACTICAL PREPPERS”
We have enough food storage for a family of four for up to 6 months. Now this ability to provide 3 squares a day. Including desserts. All I need is a stovetop or small burner to prepare those meals. It really brings us a piece of mind. We also keep gallons upon gallons of fresh water on hand as well.
Besides food, I take the time to make sure that we have flashlights, candles, and batteries on hand as well. Just in case of power outages since most of these storms start off with freezing rain and bring down those power lines
I make sure that I take some time to stock up on fuel for the kerosene heaters too. We even have some of the smaller solar charging packs in case we need the power to charge our electronic devices. Phones, tablets, and computers. We take comfort in knowing that we can weather out the coming storm. All of these simple items can be found at a lot of our stores here at

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