So the major winter storm looks to be over for now. We ended up getting around 18 inches of snow in total. I am still amazed at the panic that I had witnessed this week. In this fast-paced world that we live in its places so many extra stresses in our lives that our ancestors never had to contend with. It is unfortunate that people have to live with such chaos. Stop and think about an approaching storm just 50 or 60 years ago. People had little to no advanced warning that a storm system was even coming. They would just go to sleep on a winter’s night and awaken to a couple of feet of snow. Think about how you would deal with that today. These days we have school closures and business closures well in advance of these storms. This includes all pending weather threats from tornados to thunderstorms and flash floods. I am definitely a person that appreciates these warnings and am grateful for them but I think often about folks of the past. I still believe in taking precautions and trying to be prepared the best that I can for pending dangers. I recommend everyone take the time to plan ahead and keep those few extra basic supplies on hand just to be ready. A little good pre-planning can save a ton of headaches in the future. Feel free to check out all of our suppliers here at

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