April is nothing to fool around about here in the tri-statearea! Mushrooms are on their way. What we are waiting on isthose few consecutive days where the temperature gets near 70°. And a lot of daytime sunshine. It seems like thathas always been the conventional logic. But actually, I have found them even whenwe haven’t gotten to thoseconditions. I guess it’s all about location and timing. Now I will give you this one; I haven’t found any giant yellowsponge shrooms without those conditions being met. But the spikes and different varieties of Morrells can be foundonce we get consistently over 55 to 60° with that sunshine.There are some trees that hunters should be looking for when you take a trip out to the woods. Always looking downat the ground may not be the best way to find them. Try narrowing down yoursearch by looking up. Here is a list oftrees to learn how to identify and looks near the bases of these trees for the mushrooms.Elm tree.Apple tree.Cottonwood treeSycamore tree.Ash tree.Tulip Poplar tree.The little guys seems to stick closest to these types of trees.Once you have found what you have been looking for the fun begins! The best way that I like to fix them is to skilletfry them in butter coated with a 50/50 mixture of cornmeal and flour. Salt and pepper to your own taste! Good luckthis season and feel free to share your mushroom hunting pictures on our FB page

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