Different Types Of Maps That Should Be Included With Your Survival Gear


Outdoor activities, such as camping, are an amazing way to have fun with friends or family alike. It is good to blow off some steam for a while and especially because of the pressure that comes with the pandemic. It is also good for health and as a form of exercise. As you go for an adventure, there are important maps that should be in your survival gear. These maps will help you with ease of navigation and choosing the right spot to go camping. These maps include;

Topographic Map
These maps come in handy when you go camping. A topographic map contains routes, climbs, and descents. With a topographic map, you can choose the right place to set up camp. You can also make wiser decisions on specific places to have an adventurous hike. Also, it is important to make prior plans before going camping. Take your time to go through the topographic map, which is easily accessible online. Choose the specific area and analyze the data pertaining to that specific area. The map contains routes, climbs to mention but a few.

Also, these maps have a scale that allows you to estimate the actual distance you will take the adventure. In addition, these maps help prevent any unwanted surprises in the course of your camping adventure.

City Maps
City maps are an important part of an adventure. They help with ease of navigation, especially if you are visiting a new city. City maps have a detailed representation of an entire city and important avenues such as hospitals and dispensaries. Also important amenities such as hotels and restaurants. A city map also presents you with a learning opportunity. A city map houses the history of a city since time immemorial. Having a city map during an adventure is safer as you don’t get to ask strangers for directions. In addition, the city maps have routes to the outskirts of the city. The outskirts are a good place for outdoor adventures. Therefore, city mas will help with ease of navigation.

State Maps
These are other important maps to have in your survival Gear. State maps have all you need to know about any state. If you are planning to go on a camping adventure in a state, source the state map online and make good plans. A state map analyzes the state extensively and shows any adventurous areas. With a state map, you will know what places are safe and how to navigate them easily. State maps present a learning opportunity, as well. It also enhances map reading skills as you interpret the data and make wise choices from that data.

Maps are very important when it comes to survival gear. With a map, it is not easy to get lost or lose track of an area. With a map, you get to enjoy your adventure and also brainstorm with campmates on the best analysis of the map. 

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