Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy for me came on very slowly. Then like magic over one long night, it was upon me. I absolutely hate the way my lower legs and feet feel. If I close my eyes in the shower there is a chance that I might slip and fall as I have a difficult time feeling the placement of my feet. I’m going to list the symptoms in chronological order that I felt over this timespan:

1. In the very beginning I would get a tingling feeling in my feet.

2. Next my feet felt like they were trying to fall asleep on me even while standing.

3. Then it progressed to when I was in the shower with closed eyes I almost fell in the tub because I wasn’t completely stable on my footing. And not because of a slip.

4. While walking, I started to feel like I was walking on marbles.

5. Next, it felt like I was walking on sharp stones.

6. At this point I knew things were changing in my health. Then the pains got even sharper like volts of electricity shooting through my feet. Then the next minute my feet felt like they were wrapped with sports wrap that was 2 inches thick. Or I guess you could say swollen.

7.Then it starts to travel up the ankles into the lower leg. At this point I guess they tell me the damage is done and they can’t do a lot for me other than treat the symptoms and keep the type 2 diabetes in check. If it wasn’t for footwear like APEX FOOT provides, it would make all of the activities I enjoy outdoors nearly impossible. My advice to anyone experiencing these symptoms would be get to your doctor ASAP and get tested for neuropathy. And get a tighter grip on your type 2 diabetis.

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