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I had the pleasure today to visit Bass Pro Shops today in Portage, IN. We were very impressed with the store.I’mtaking a second here to describe the experience to anyone who has never visited one of their store locations inperson. Upon arriving you will see a much larger store than you anticipate with a very large footprint. You will besurprised with the amount of parking that is available. When you walk through the main entrance you will start seeingfish and game that has been through the taxidermy process. From fish to deer and from elk to waterfowl. I was soimpressed with the number of critters that we saw. You will find your customer service counter on the left-hand sideafter entering and then to the right you will see a small gift shop type area. We actually skipped that section becausewe saw too many other areas that was pulling our attention elsewhere. We decide to go straight left over to thefishing section and began walking up and down the aisles. We found all kinds of great deals on fishing equipment.There are bulk bins with sale items as well as a lineup of boats and ATVs at the back of the store. At this point at theback of the store we hopped into the elevator up to the next level and started looking at hunting clothing. Halfwayback up to the front of the store we found the hunting section.Everything that you need for any type of hunting canbe found. On the opposite side of the store, you can findcamping and other outdoor supplies like grills and smokers and so on. They have an interactive laser huntingexperience for kids at the back. Ending up back by the elevator we go back down and approach the enormous fishtank where we viewed some of our local species. While traveling back up towards the front of the store we passed alltypes of clothing and outerwear. Hats, fedoras, hoodies, jackets. Seems like they everything that you could want.Them we make our way up the registers to settle the tab. Now that part stung a little.All in all it was a great experience and I just wanted to take a minute and share this with you in case you never get achance to make it to one of their locations.

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