4 Ways To Make Fire If You Get Lost In The Woods


Everyone fears getting lost in the woods, even the most experienced outdoors person. But fear not, If you get lost and have to set up camp for the night most people would want a fire to illuminate their surroundings, keep them warm, cook food, or to possibly be found in case of an emergency. In this article were going to be covering 4 ways to make a fire in case you get lost in the woods.

The Ferro Rod
The ferro rod is a small stick of synthetic pyrophoric alloy, it produces hot sparks that reach temperatures of 3,000 degrees Celsius when it is struck by something harder than itself such as steel. Apply the spark to dry kindling or something that will ignite well and slowly add bigger sticks to keep the fire going.

Waterproof Matches
Waterproof matches are a great and reliable tool to have in the great outdoors, if someone is fortunate enough to get lost with waterproof matches on hand starting a fire shouldn’t be much of a chore, once the user collects dry kindling and sticks for their fire simply light your match on the strike pad and place in the base of the fire. If no strike pad try a flat rock.

Bow and Drill
The bow and drill is a prehistoric method of creating a fire, it is built from 4 main components, a block of dry wood, a bow, a handpiece, and a sturdy stick. The idea is that with the stick in the bow string vertically, and the bow horizontal using the handpiece on the top of the stick and to start working the bow side to side spinning the stick and creating friction powered embers inside of the hole at the bottom of the stick. Then adding kindling and small dry sticks to your embers, gently blowing to oxidize the fire should result in a small fire. This method is not easy so it will require patience and you may have to repeat the process a few times for desired outcome.

Magnifying Glass
The magnifying glass is a piece of glass with magnifying properties, using the power of the sun, the magnifying glass creates a small circle of heat that is to be applied to dry kindling and after enough patience it will get hot enough to burn, from there add small sticks and slowly build up from there at whatever speed your fire is catching. Other light sources such as lasers can also be used on the glass to create fire.

Being lost in the woods can be scary but with these four methods of creating fire, it should help cross at least one of your worries off the list. A fire can help you keep warm, help scare animals away, dry you off and even signal for help. When planning a trip into the outdoors try to have a way to create fire in case of emergencies, it could make all the difference. 

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