15 Items To Include In Your Every Day Carry EDC Kit


The logic behind an everyday carry kit is predominantly portability. It should be able to hold all the things necessary for you to have on your person so you can be prepared for any emergency or disaster scenario the universe throws at you. As a result, the items in this kit need should be small and useful enough for you to transport without being weighed down. Below is a list of 15 essential things that should make up the contents of your EDC bag

1. Paracord
Paracord is of the most invaluable things to have for critical situations or outdoor accidents. You can use it to create a sheltered area to protect yourself from the elements; the inner threads can be fashioned to make a fishing line, and in tandem with a stick to fashion a splinter. In short, there are many situations paracord can be implemented in, so it’s a plus to carry some with you.

2. First aid kit
At any point, especially in the outdoor, cuts, bruises, sprains, and accidents may happen. It’s best if to be prepared with a kit to dress wounds and the like if such an event takes place. It also carries cotton, which is very helpful when lighting fires.

3. Knife
A knife is an essential tool. There is so much you can do with it that supersedes its normal function of cutting. Just ensure that they are compact, lightweight, and can hold an edge very well.

4. Multi-function tool
A typical multi tool usually is equipped with a knife, saw, scissors, bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver, thus making it so that you can carry more tools but taking up less space. This versatility is useful in the outdoors or in a life threatening situation.

5. Button Compass
If you find you are an individual interested in the outdoors, it would best if you can properly use a compass. Where technology and power may fail you, it’s great idea to have a mechanical backup that can guide you back to civilization if need be.

6. Water purification tablets
This is vital, as it’s important to have somewhere to get clean water for drinking. Tablets for water purification are not only cheap, they are able be carried in bulk without the added weight and can kill 100% of bacteria found in water.

7. Compact water filter
If happen to be someone that is averse to using chemicals to purify your water, a personal or compact water filter can achieve similar effects to provide drinkable water.

8. Cell phone
Superficially, cell phones and the outdoors do not seem like a great idea, but they have several uses that are important to you. You can load it with your survival information and maps, along with emergency calls.

9. Lighter(s)
Wherever you go, you will need fire for any number of reasons. Remember to bring a spare for just in case scenarios.

10. Power source
If you do bring a type of cell phone that requires electricity in your EDC kit, you will need some way to charge it.

11. Spare batteries
Spare batteries are essential since you cannot be left without power. Whether it is to provide backup power for your flashlight, cell phone, or rugged phone, they need to be included in your kit.

12. Fresnel lens
This lens can help in starting a fire in the absence of matches or lighters and can also signal for help.

13. Paper
Paper provide tinder for fires and makes the process a lot more comfortable.

14. Mechanical watch
You will need to keep track of time, and this tool is easily wearable on your hand. Some have the extra functionality of altimeter and barometer, which can prove helpful in certain situations. Remember that it should be shock and waterproof.

15. Flashlight
A small flashlight can provide good illumination that can either be used tactically or for navigational purposes.

It is important to be mindful, though, that sometimes your EDC kit varies based on your country side or town setting. Despite this difference, the list above has stayed in commonality areas to provide overarching criteria that both men and women from any location can use. 

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