Successful Strategies For Spring Turkey Hunting


The spring turkey hunting season is one of the most exciting times that arrives at the same as the turkeys’ breeding season. Many hunters prefer the fall hunting season, but spring turkey hunting often provides greater opportunities to bag a big Tom. There are some fundamental strategies a turkey hunting enthusiast must implement before the season officially starts. There are some preparations that need to be considered to have an exciting hunting season. Some of these strategies are quite obvious to any hunter, both of who will experience the hunting for the first time or those coming back subsequent time. 

Some strategies, such as practicing shooting with your shotgun, are an essential preseason preparation. Also, using turkey calls and perfecting your techniques well in advance will ensure that you can effectively call a turkey to your blind is very important. Similarly, any turkey hunter needs to be organized and ensure that their hunting gear is laid out and well maintained. Double check your hunting gear checklist to ensure that you have the necessary items, along with nice to have items that can make your turkey hunt more comfortable and successful. Being prepared ahead of time allows you to stay safe and be less stressed when it is time to pack up for your hunting trip.

Also, to ensure your turkey hunting expedition gets the success it deserves, successful hunters from previous trips usually emphasize scouting and preparation as a critical ingredient to the victory as a whole. As a hunter, you must have the ability to coordinate a targeted hunt. When you hear the term targeted hunting getting thrown around, what this actually means is you have mastered the art of getting your targeted toms and your hens in a row. Patience and proper calling are key. 

For hunters to successfully lure your turkey to your blind, there are some conditions you have to meet first. The first item on the list is your gear. Turkeys are known for having keen eyesight so you need to keep this fact in mind while hunting. It’s critical that you wear camouflage in a bid to maintain your body as concealed as possible. In addition, to camo clothing hunters should also consider facial netting and other items to break up their silhouette. Camouflage applies to your gun too – use tape or cloth to break up any areas that might be more noticeable while hunting. Don’t forget to match your camouflage as you wouldn’t want to have a woodland pattern paired with a winter or other type of pattern. Lastly, avoid bright colored clothing, along with red, white, blue, or black colors which are easily visible to turkeys.

The other important aspect to have a successful hunting season is ensuring you have waterproof boots that are comfortable on your feet. Boots are essential in maintaining good support while searching for turkeys can require long periods of walking. Ensure your shoes match your camouflage and that they are properly tucked in.

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