Reliable Two Way Radios For Communication In The Wilderness


It is important to have the best communication when out in the wilderness. Not only does it keep you connected with others, but it will also come in handy during times of emergency. For this reason, having the most reliable two way radio is crucial. Not only are two way radios a crucial tool to have but they are also able to receive other frequencies for weather alerts or any other dangers you should be aware of. Regardless of their use, having a reliable two way radio for communication in the wilderness is always a good idea.

1. The Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio
The Talkabout radio from Motorola is an all-inclusive radio that will allow you to stay in contact with those you are with. You will love that it is furnished with more than 20 channels so finding a signal will not be a problem. Plus, other two way radios work with it, which allows you to create a bigger frequency area. It has a high amount of durability and quality which customers absolutely love.

2. GTX1000VP4 GMRS with 50 Channels by Midland
The Midland GTX1000VP comes with 50 different channels and two-way capability. It is splash-proof, water-resistant, and can be handled easily, which makes them a perfect radio for wet weather climates. You will love that the features include a weather scanner that will provide alerts concerning inclement weather that you may come into contact with. It is also very durable and simple to use. With a spectacular range of more than 35 miles, it will be able to reach other radios quite easily.

3. The Rino 700 Two Way by Garmin
The Rino is Garmin’s top performer when it comes to two-way radios. It also will not break the bank. It includes GPS so your location will always be known. It was developed with all explorers in mind, which provides an exceptional amount of reception in all conditions. Just like we see with other Rino’s, the 700 pinpoints your exact location and can send and receive a message from others using the exact channel. It also comes preloaded with a base map of the world that is easily operated and provides an increase in safety as you enjoy the outdoors. Having a GMRS radio fitted within is able to provide more than 15 miles of coverage in conditions that are favorable. It is also great for dense areas of tree coverage.

4. The Access BC Link Radio System by Backcountry
This radio system has a battery that is surprisingly long lasting, which is perfect for extended trips. Users will have no problem if they have gloves on. Some of the things that you might enjoy include the smart mic, which was designed exactly for wet conditions. Its range is pretty amazing and it is an exceptional radio for climates that are cold, which is why gloves can easily manipulate its functions.

It is important to be able to reach others in your party while in the wilderness. With these reliable two way radios you can easily communicate with them.

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