Hog Hunting

Hog hunting has become very popular in the southern United States. I would like to share my experience from last summer in Alabama at GREAT SOUTHERN OUTDOORS in Union Springs, AL. We set out for a 3 day 2-night adventure. When you book a trip like this you should expect to be moving at a pretty good pace once you arrive. Upon arrival, you can take care of any unpaid balances and also meet the staff. Almost immediately after that, you will go through about an hour of orientation where they will familiarize you with the events that are going to be taking place over the next couple of days. They help analyze what type of positioning you need to accommodate any physical limitations that you might have. For example, if have trouble walking long distances they will place you in a location to hunt to where they drive you almost all of the way to your hunting spot. That’s nice! If you can’t climb a tree, the position you in a ground blind close to game trails. Be advised though that in hot summer months those can be very warm. I advise wearing hunting clothing that is extremely lightweight and has plenty of water with you to avoid dehydration. That was a small problem for me as I developed legs cramps and slight nausea. You’re allowed to take almost any legal weapon during the hog season from rifles to handguns and even bows and arrows. Your choice! Binoculars are very helpful to watch for games coming in also. In Alabama, a thermal cell insect repellent is an absolute must. I sat for a short while before lighting mine and I went from a hut of insects swarming to ZERO. I was impressed as I usually hunt in the north and don’t contend often with bugs while hunting.
They get you to the woods pretty quick the first day by late afternoon to early evening and hunt till around 11:00 PM unless you harvest an animal. At that point you could call for assistance and your guide would drive to you and help you out.
At this point, you can grab a snack at the clubhouse or an adult beverage if you choose.
4:00 AM comes quickly the next morning and you are out hunting at daylight until 10 or 11 O’clock. Stop back for breakfast/lunch then you have some time then if you choose to go make adjustments to your weapons in want to go fishing for an hour or two. Or take a quick nap! I Chose the latter!
Evening meal comes before the next hunting shift and if you’re not too hungry at the time the staff will pack your dinner to take with you. The food was great there !! And then repeat all of this until you depart out on that final day! Hopefully harvesting a hog in the meantime! Overall, it was a great time there and the folks are great too! makes for a nice long weekend, but be prepared to be a bit tired. Especially if you’re an older guy like me!

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