Windy Spring Days

Hi folks! Don’t let those windy Spring fishing days get you down. I know I know, it’s so hard to fish when you’re almostin white cap conditions in the early spring when those winds come up. But don’t give up hope guys. I know it canbe ahuge challenge to keep that boat going in the direction that you want to go but with some careful navigation even witha 12 volt trolling motor by keeping in in high gear you still can keep it going in the direction that you want to go. Mybest advicewould be to stick close to the shorelines. Preferably on the side of the body of water opposite of the waythat the most wind comes from. Search for little feeder creek mouths or small sheltered coves or any place that canget you some reliefJust slow the fishing down a bit and use some of your finesse baits and tactics and you still can have a great outting .Hey , you have to go home later and charge up those batteries for trolling so use them to the fullest. If you’re going tobe out on days like this don’t worry about conserving battery powerIf you are really fearful of battery power loss and can afford to purchase an extra deep cycle battery and store in theboat. I’veeven moved my wires over to the engine cranking battery a couple of times.I don’t fish from a $50,000 bass boat. I just fish from my 18 ft. Lowe boat and get along just fine . Do what works foryou. If using that battery makes you nervous maybe thinking if that one drains down too : something I carry along is acompact power cell thatis used for jump starting cars and trucks. It has given me plenty of power to turn my engineover every time I have ever needed to head back to the boat ramp. I think I include this small power cell as must onmy boat. It’s always nice to have it along asa piece of mind!So go out and enjoy yourself on those windy days!! Anytime spent on the water is time well spent in my opinion!!

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