Top 10 Places In The US For Amazing Bass Fishing


Bass fishing in the United States is gaining popularity in modern society. From humble beginnings, this type of sport is now a multibillion-dollar industry. Most of the fishing gear have been developed as a result of this sport. It involves, angling the most common approved method. The angle refers to the fishing hook, which is usually connected to a fishing line, and the line is attached to a fishing rod. The following are some of the best places in the United States where you can participate in bass fishing.

1. Sam Rayburn Reservoir, Texas
The reservoir is found in the deep east Texas and covers 114,000 acres. It became famous in 2018 when they produced a huge number of bass. Since then, they have maintained the number of enormous basses. During last year’s April tournament, most of the bass caught weighed 7 pounds or more.

2. St. Lawrence River (Thousand Islands), New York
The river has a 50-mile stretch. In bass tournament, you should focus on the big fish, but it can sometimes be challenging to win the tournament if the river has smallmouth fisheries. A bass weighing 6 pounds won the last tournament in St. Lawrence River.

3. Lake Guntersville, Alabama
The lake is approximately 69,000 acres. For many years, Guntersville has not been featured among the top, but they are back with some of the heaviest fisheries.

4. Lake Fork, Texas
It’s known to produce some of the biggest bass in the whole country. The lake has 27,690 acres where anglers can compete. Some of its bass have weighed more than 11 pounds.

5. Clear Lake, California
It’s one of California’s natural lakes with 43,785 acres. Last year April before the California open, Chris Peterson was reported to catch a bass weighing 16.07 pounds. The winner for the previous tournament had a fish weighing 11.74 pounds.

6. Chickamauga Lake, Tennessee
It is found on 36,240 acres. It is also known to have some of the big fish. During the last event held in February last year, the biggest fish was 12.91 pounds.

7. New Melones Lake, California
Being one of the country’s biggest reservoir resources, it continues to produce some of the heaviest largemouth fish. Remember, small size fish are released back into the water to allow them to grow. Melones Lake had a fish weighing 12.56 pounds during the February tournament.

8. Santee Cooper Lakes
Santee Cooper Lakes is made up of Lake Marion (110,000 acres) and Lake Moultrie (60,000 acres). Although there is little gray around the lakes, it still produces some of the biggest largemouth fish.

9. Lake Erie, New York
The lake is found within a 30-mile radius from Buffalo. The lake has some of the biggest fish, although the weather can sometimes be windy and affect the fishing process. During the 2018 July tournament, the days of competition were reduced from three to one due to unfavorable weather conditions.

10. Lake St. Clair, Michigan
The lake covers 430 square miles. For some time, the lake has been ranked top in the Northeast part. During the 2018 July tournament, the winning bass was 6.73 pounds. 

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