Spring Fishing

11 degrees here today in northern Indiana. I’m not much of an ice fisherman so I’ve been sitting here thinking about the spring Bluegill/Redear season on our natural lakes.
I really look forward to that time of year which normally takes place sometime between the middle of April and the middle of June. I envision being out on the boat and searching for the edge of weed lines and slip bobber fishing with wigglers, be-moths, and crickets. Once that takes place and we find the fish it’s pretty much on! This is the respawn time and you can really catch a lot of quality feeding fish. Then you’ll start noticing in the shallower waters the undeniable signs of the circles developing on the sandy bottoms. They are finally starting to bed. I have no problem with people fishing the beds. It’s really easy to catch them at this time. We switch up our tactics a bit lose the float and just simply drag those same baits around the bedding area. Sometimes they just pick up the bait and try to move it out of the area and sometimes they just want a quick snack. But either way, it gives you a good opportunity to catch some quality fish. This is where some folks really have a problem with fishing during the spawn. I do recommend being a little selective at this time and releasing as many of the full females that you can to ensure good fishing for seasons to come. Always check your local DNR rules and regulations on the limit of fish that you can harvest for each species.

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