Ice Out

Well, the ice has all melted off here in Northern Indiana. Just a day or so after it was gone people started catchingbass and crappie. It just amazes me that those bass can be so active this early in the spring fishing season. Thewater temperature wasn’tmore than 35° Fahrenheit where these fish were being caught. The norm would be muchwarmer temperatures and a month or so later. None the less the fish are biting. In fact, the ice was not entirely meltedyet in the channels on our glacier lakes here in Northern IN. And even more fascinating to me was the fact that thesefish are being caught on hard plastic medium to shallow running crank baits. Totally unexpected in my opinion. Weare not talking about farm pond fish here. These are experienced fish thathave most likely seen every lure evermanufactured in the country. These lakes get a ton of fishing pressure. Although they are not as large as our largerreservoirs in this part of the country the fishing pressure is really high. One more thing that I found to be odd was thefact that me and some of my buddies that do some pike fishing in our area haven’t had any luck at all. These are notmonster fish by no stretch of the imagination but are all of legal catch size. 14″ in the state of IN. I guess it just goesto show you that catching fish is possible at almost any time of the year if you just go out and fish. One thing is verycertain and that is that I can guarantee that you will get more bites if you’re out on the water rather than sitting athome inyour recliner. Here is a photo of just one of the fish caught on March 2nd of 2022. Hope that this getseveryone motivated to go out and give it a shot and get some exercise have a great day fishing. Even if you don’tcatch anything it’s alright. After all, they call it fishing, not catching!

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