Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is in full force here in Northern Indiana now. Most bodies of water are supporting 8 inches of ice or more. The local reservoirs are seeing fishermen max out their limits of fish. I’ve also noticed that the quality of the crappie are better this season as it looks like they have been fed well. In past seasons I have noticed good growth in their length but not so much on the girth. Jigs tipped with minnows still seem to be the bait of choice. On our natural lakes, the panfish quality seems to be right on track with the reservoir crappie. It is apparent that they all fed well in the past few months. The bass, pike, and musky have all been being pulled through the ice as well!
It brings me great pleasure passing my local bodies of water and seeing all of the different ways that fishermen approach ice fishing. From fishing shanties down to the simple 5-gallon bucket. All of the methods work but you just have to find the system that works best for you. Like other sports, it can be very expensive to participate in. Just do what works for you. I’m guessing that most people started out with the 5-gallon bucket. Then perhaps a small lantern inside for some light and warmth. Brings back good memories! Stay safe and fish on!

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