Dependable Walleye Lures You Can Use No Matter The Season


The feeling of casting your bait then having a walleye strike it is satisfying for every fisherman. Casting for walleyes can be dependent on many factors. The ecology of the lake, the time of year and the underwater structure can influence the methods of success to catching a walleye.

Pitching jigs is the most common way to catch walleyes in open water during the early summer and fall. Fish in weeds or rocky shorelines are drawn to the warm, shallow waters which is a great place to target them. Baitfish are usually followed by the walleyes as their preferred type of bait.

Other things to keep in mind while fishing for walleyes, is that they stay near spawning areas in the later half of the spring. Rocky points and gravel near the mouth of incoming creeks are excellent spots that can produce a lot of fish. Anywhere baitfish can become an easy meal is a hot spot for walleye fishing. Late summer is a migratory season for walleyes and their normal patterns have them shifting near deeper water.

Lures You Can Depend on Year Round
Different lures are required depending on the season and fishing conditions. Below is a description of a few lures that work in varying conditions year-round. 

Lindy Fuzz-E Grub Jig
The soft plastic that makes the body of this lifelike jig has a good display underwater. The painted eyes on either side give off aggressive strikes and entice fish. This jig can be tipped with a crawler or leech, and fished plain. 

Lindy Slick Jig
The forward design and positioning of the line tie on this jig present a realistic profile reflecting a leech or wax worm. This is one of the most versatile jigs for ice fishing, due to the downward sloping front end that makes it perfect for bottom pounding. Jigging carries this lure outside the hole to cover large areas of water. 

Strike King Redeye Shad
This lipless crankbait is the standard on many pro tours. The RedEye Shad by Strike King is made for ripping through weeds and shaking shallow water. The free floating rattles appeal to fish calling. Vertically jigging while ice fishing or fast fishing with this shad shaped bait lead to big bites.

TriggerX NightCrawler
This lifelike worm measures 6.5 inches. The body of the nightcrawler has pheromones which stimulate walleyes to feed. This bait is effective on a rig, spinner or jig. The pheromones and action of TriggerX’s nightcrawler are designed specifically to attract walleyes. A prominent feature of this bait is that it is made from biodegradable resources.

Bass Pro Shops Walleye Angler XPS Jig Spin
This jig spin is great when fished suspended or on the bottom. The willowleaf blade gives off an ample amount of flash and vibration that attract fish. The jig spin can be rigged with live or soft plastic bait. The Walleye Angler Jig Spin is equipped with a black nickel hook. 

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