Boat Fishing

I’m sitting here at home, the ground is frozen and the lakes have a couple of inches of ice on them. I’m remembering all of the fishing that took place in the 2021 season here in Indiana. I got my boat in the late summertime. I had the chance to take that boat out 16 times between August and when I took it in to the shop to have it winterized. I don’t have indoor storage so that is a must to protect the engine. I took it in at the end of October. I’m just sitting here wondering how much more fun I could have had since the winter turned out to be so mild until New Year’s. Almost two months’ worth of fishing was lost. I have plans of implementing a different strategy towards the end of the 2022 season. I am going to find someone close that would allow me to park indoors in case of a cold snap. I think it would even be ok to offer some money to someone for giving me a little space to protect my boat. I see so many people catching fish in those end-of-year months and it has driven me almost crazy. I think I have what they call “cabin fever”. Time to start thinking ahead for this season. I don’t want to be caught off guard like I was this past season. Life is too short to miss out on all of these opportunities!

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