6 Trout Fishing Flies That Work Almost Anywhere


Flies are some of the best solutions available to you when you are trout fishing. Sometimes, you have to practice with a variety of options until you find your favorite. Consider one of the six options below, as these work almost anywhere for fly-fishing.

1. Hare’s Ear Nymphs
Try to obtain some Hare’s Ear flies between the sizes of six and 18. If there are a multitude of trout, the smaller sizes will work great for surface fly fishing. For deeper water, consider the heavier weights. The shagginess of the fly and the gold trims help to attract the fish right to your line. 

2. Black Ant
There are many options available for the Black Ant including a thin waist with two humps, cork versions, foam versions and more. It is important that you see a thin midsection on the fly to attract trout to your line. When the fish come to catch an ant that falls into the water, the thin parts of their bodies are what they look for.

3. Adams Fly
The Adams fly was made to look like a mayfly for the next time you go trout fishing. It is essential to get this fly in the right size though so that the trout take action, so consider sizes 12 to 18. It is best to use this fly when the mayflies are just starting to hatch though so trout are more attracted to you. 

4. Blue Winged Olive
The Blue Winged Olive also looks a lot like a mayfly, but this one draws in the big fish. Make sure you get multiple sizes of this one, though to get the biggest fish you need either a 16 or an 18. You can use this fly in any water, so long as it has reached 50 degrees in the spring. 

5. Hopper
Trout are known for eating insects, but in more recent years they have begun to eat insects like grasshoppers. The hopper fly is made to resemble a grasshopper, but they give off protein directly to the fish. Some are even soft so as not to let the fish become wary of your line so they latch on and keep eating.

6. Beetle Fly
The final fly for your next trout fishing trip is the beetle fly. It is great for rainbow trout, despite it not having as much of a reputation as the other five flies. Try to drop these flies by a bush or by greenery in order to give trout the taste of a beetle that they crave. You can even land two foot long fish s when casting with one of these. Try varying the size and color to add even more variety to your fly box.

Final Thoughts
Fly fishing is a fun sport for many, but it requires you to use the right fly. Consider one or several of the six options above to help you reel in the next big trout no matter where you go fishing. 

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