Tips To Plan And Pack Enough Water For Camping


When you plan to head out camping, roughing it does not mean going without the essentials of life. And these essentials will certainly include water, which isn’t just for those glamping. This is because one of the essential items for life is water. Without it you won’t be unable to survive on your own and could even risk death. While many people will survive a day without water (except in hotter environments) it won’t be enjoyable to spend a day without water. Camping is supposed to be fun and having enough water for camping can be one of the most important considerations you have. There are a number of things to keep in mind when deciding how you will procure water.

Where you are Going and How Long you will be there
The length of time you plan on going on a camping trip will impact the water needs that you have. A camping trip shorter in duration may only require its water needs met with just some basic water bottles or water jugs which can suffice for the duration of a short trip camping. However, a longer term trip may require some more involved devices such as a water filtration device.

With a water filtration device you can make potable water from the local water that is on hand and therefore this can greatly reduce your need to bring large amounts of water on the camping trip. There are many different types of water filtration devices out there so identify your needs first. Some will be put right into water and will kill the bacteria that is present in the water, rendering it safe to consume. Some devices will pull muck and dirt from the water by filtering out particles and make it safe to drink the water that you find while you are camping.

Your Local Environment will Dictate what you Bring
Whether you be looking for a filtration device or just bringing bottles with you while camping, the local environment that you are heading to will often determine the type of device that you use to obtain water while camping. In a jungle like area a filtration device is often the best option as water is nearby and easily attainable and just needs to be made safe to drink. In a dessert like area, the better option is likely bringing in jugs of water and other bottles as you won’t be able to find water to filter in an effective way and you will need to consider how much water to bring in.

To plan ahead for your camping trip you should understand where you are going, what the weather is like when you will be there, how long you will be camping for, and what water resources are there. Sometimes the best solution is to be prepared in both situations with some emergency water supply, and some shock tablets which are light and can make water potable without cooking it. 

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