The Best Portable Stoves For Camping


Tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, camp chairs and tables, and other personal items are some of the things you need to prepare when you are going camping. However, you cannot survive without food. Food, therefore, becomes one of the primary and most important need when going to a camp. How then is the food going to be cooked? It is a fact that you cannot carry ready-made food for all the days you are going to be camping. Even if you do, the food might end up going bad. To avoid food poisoning, it is always better to carry food that you can quickly cook. That is where portable camping stoves come in.

Features to look for in a portable camping stove
Portable camping stoves come in different descriptions. When you go camping, you do not need a stove that will be too big or too heavy to carry. The following are factors you should consider when choosing a stove for your camp:
• What fuel does it use?
• How many burners does it have?
• What is the heat output?
• Does it have wind fins?

The best portable camping stoves

1. Coleman Stoves
Coleman stove has been rated as some of the most used stoves in camping. Coleman portable butane stove has a heat output of 7,650 BTUs. On the other hand, the Coleman propane grill stove comes with a burner and a grill. It also has a higher heat output of about 11,000BTUs.

2. BioLite Stoves
There are two types of BioLite stoves. The BioLite camp stove 2 and the BioLite Firepit. The BioLite Firepit uses wood or charcoal and is ideal for carrying when you are not sure whether your campsite has a firepit or not. A BioLite Campstove 2 is fueled by wood and has a heat output of 10,000BTUs. It comes in handy with USB ports to allow you to charge your devices.

3. CampChef Stoves
These are stoves that are good for outdoor cooking. The camp Chef Everest uses propane as fuel, and the heat output per burner is 20,000 BTUs. On the other hand, Camp Chef Explorer uses propane as fuel and has a heat output of 30,000BTUs. This is a bigger stove, and it is ideal when you plan to take longer camps.

4. MSR PocketRocket Stove
If you are not taking long on your campsite, this stove will be ideal since it is very light. It has a heat output of 8,000Tus. It uses butane-propane to fuel it.

5. Adjust-A-Grill
If a propane or butane cooker doesn’t make you happy, you can always choose to grill your food over your natural fireplace. Adjust-A-Gill is an adjustable grill plate that will serve you best if you want to grill something over a fire you made on your campsite. The best thing about this plate is that you will not have worries about running out of fuel.

Bottom line
Don’t let cooking be the reason why you have terrible camping. Ensure that you are armed with one of the best camping stoves in the market for easy camping moments.

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