5 Durable Frameless Packs For Backpacking


Backpackers who want to go lightweight, choose frameless packs. Several reasons come to mind when choosing this type of backpack. On top of the list is simplicity, next comes fit, and next durability and weight. Frameless packs are designed to last when overloaded and when hiking for endless miles. Frameless backpacks are durable. The cost is lower than traditional framed backpacks. The focus of using a frameless backpack is carrying the things you need rather than the things you want.

Five of the most durable and recommended frameless backpacks are:

Acorn Packs The Mo 50L
This backpack weighs 30 oz/kg, costs around $305 when ordered from an excellent UK-based manufacturer. The best pack is made from Robic Extreema 210D fabric that is known for its durability. You can purchase this pack with a hydration tube port that is awesome for long hikes. The Mo is a made-to-order pack, but it does have many available options.

Kelty Spectra Cloud
Made out of ultralight Spectra fabric that is puncture and abrasion-resistant, these all-white frameless backpacks weigh a bit over one pound. They are pricy, but you can purchase one online for around $500. Are they worth it? Hikers who carry loads when climbing say they are totally worth the money.

Granite Gear Crown 2.60
The Granite Gear weighs 30.6 oz/kg and holds 60L. The pack has a system that brings cooling air to your back; perfect for hikers who don’t like wet backs as they hike. The material is hardy molded polypropylene, and the pack has a removable lid. Order the pack in three torso sizes: short regular, and long. You can order the lightweight backpack from REI for a cool $149, which is $50 off the regular price.

Osprey Exos 48
With a 40 oz/kg weight, and the Osprey is great for weekend trips and hiking trips. The pack itself weighs 2.27 lbs/1.03 kg and includes an internal hydration reservoir. The Osprey features a suspension system called airspeed, which keeps the weight off your back. You can also store small items in top zippered pockets. Purchase the Osprey Exos at REI for $200.

Seek Outside Flight One
At 36 oz/kg and weighing a mere 61. This backpack is built for more rugged conditions. It is made from spectra fabric (proprietary Polyethylene) that has great resistance to wear and abrasion. It is amazingly comfortable when carrying loads of 35 and 50 pounds. Options include a rolltop closure. Water bottle pockets on the side, and a hip belt that also has two pockets. Purchase online or from REI for $319.

Frameless backpacks are not for every hiker. You need to know how to pack them properly for extended backcountry excursions or day hikes. Keep in mind that these backpacks are not as forgiving as framed models when you load them up with more than 20 to 25 pounds. However, if you are looking for lightweight packs that are easy to use, these backpacks will be great for your next excursion.

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