The Bluegill

The humble bluegill has a place in the hearts and memories of most freshwater anglers, and if you’re anything like us,one of these feisty little fish probably got you hooked for life!While many of us graduate to bigger and “better” species like bass, spending sundown chasing bluegills as an adultis no less exciting than it […]

Ice Out

Well, the ice has all melted off here in Northern Indiana. Just a day or so after it was gone people started catchingbass and crappie. It just amazes me that those bass can be so active this early in the spring fishing season. Thewater temperature wasn’tmore than 35° Fahrenheit where these fish were being caught. […]

First time on a boat

The ice was all gone,and we had a day that reached nearly 70°. It seemed like it was going to be a great day. I hadjust picked my boat up from the repair shop. I took her home to get ready for the 2022 season. Restocking the boat isalways an exciting time for me. It’s […]

Bass Pro Shop

I had the pleasure today to visit Bass Pro Shops today in Portage, IN. We were very impressed with the store.I’mtaking a second here to describe the experience to anyone who has never visited one of their store locations inperson. Upon arriving you will see a much larger store than you anticipate with a very […]


April is nothing to fool around about here in the tri-statearea! Mushrooms are on their way. What we are waiting on isthose few consecutive days where the temperature gets near 70°. And a lot of daytime sunshine. It seems like thathas always been the conventional logic. But actually, I have found them even whenwe haven’t […]

Windy Spring Days

Hi folks! Don’t let those windy Spring fishing days get you down. I know I know, it’s so hard to fish when you’re almostin white cap conditions in the early spring when those winds come up. But don’t give up hope guys. I know it canbe ahuge challenge to keep that boat going in the […]

Grandkids and firearms

My grandson, Linkin, is 9 years old now. I introduced him to the world of firearms when he was 6 years old. Under extreme supervision, I taught him how to shoot his first BB gun. He loved this! Now I admit that this was a challenge.At 6 years old it is extremely difficult tokeep a […]

My Circle of Friends

One thing I’ve noticed about the circle of friends that I hang out with is that all of their midlife crises differ from what one would usually consider a Midlife Crisis. For example, I have one friend who could have easily been a severe alcoholic but instead, he went out and purchased a brand-new bassboat. […]

Get Your Patio Ready for Spring

Spring is coming up which means warmer weather and more daylight to enjoy! One of the best ways to take advantage of spring is to get out in your own backyard and cook outside. All winter we’ve been inside and in the kitchen, it’s time for a change of scenery and no one’s going to […]


    I have been writing this post in my head for nearly 3 years and until today I’ve never been brave enough to post it. But recently some people doing similar work and facing much the same reality have used social media to speak up about a topic that for so long has not […]

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